i am working on this and figuring out what it even means to have a website  

amongst other things that i am trying to figure out what they mean  

below you can see my film botoxontology in the journal of visual and media anthropology: the intersection of artificial intelligence and human experience  

here's a bio

here is a video that's part of the research phase of a project about ghost streams in brooklyn  

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this is an experiment connected to this and this

this is an intimate look at the things i'm thinking about by way of collecting links

here's a video similarly about things i was thinking about

below is something else

here is a map of the best places for water in new york

this is from when I could kind of write in arabic

these are gifs from films i made in college or the photos or the forays into data visualization 

[or if you are here fore some graphic design]

this is an unfinished project about color and design and society

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