(-2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3*C)


an interactive future temperature timeline

backcast climate

backcast: climate dynamically explores backcasting as a model for understanding the future of climate change by visualizing the change in average global temperature data. The program, created with Processing, allows the user to select a temperature difference goal 100 years in the future and then creates a timeline of color blocks correlated to changes in temperature. The visuals begin in the year 1880, when we started recording average annual surface temperature, and continues until 2016 with data from NASA GISS . The program then scales the user’s goal to annual incremental temperature changes until it reaches the goal in 2117. The result can be experienced on a computer interface or in an installation setting--the colors projected to fill a room for an individualized and immersive experience. The backcasting format allows the user to experiment with optimistic possibilities for a sustainable climate, combating the conservative goals that are discussed in traditional discourse. The final timeline’s color patterns can become a poster to memorialize the goals seen on the computer screen or in a projection, to remind us what we are working towards.

backcast climate future



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